Holden VN SS Group A Commodore in Alpine White


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Holden VN SS Group A Commodore in Alpine White.

The VN SS Group A based on the 2 Alpine White development cars Holden used for durability testing. This will be our last original specification road car model of the VN Group A in 1:18.

The Holden VN SS Group A was an exceptional Australian muscle car which was built under contract by HSV for General Motors Holden Australia and was released in the month of November in 1990. This car has the honour of being described as the last Group A model to be produced by General Motors Holden Australia due to changes in CAMS regulations. In addition to that title, it also carried the mantle of being the most expensive HSV ever released at that time with a price tag of $68,950 which was $13,000 over initial predictions, which wasn’t the most ideal price point considering the financial hardships Australia was facing during this period.

The price tag included a raft of firsts for an Australian produced car including a special 17 inch wheel and tyre combination with 45 inch profile tyres and a completely redeveloped engine with an extra strength manual 6 speed gear box. According to HSV, the 215KW V8 theoretically could produce a maximum speed of something close to 400KM/PH, but the 6th gear ratio was too tall to break any high speed records. In addition to this there was a rumour that General Motors added a speed limiter at the time which would see the fuel supply cut if the vehicle reached speeds of 250KM/PH – but as the case is with many rumours, General Motors never confirmed this.

Other technical inclusions that were featured in the VN SS Group A saw the engine block receive a Chevrolet bell housing bolt pattern along with a high torque AP racing clutch, a somewhat redesigned suspension system and a re-engineered engine that had similarities to the previously released VL Group A SV. Another similarity that the VN SS Group A shared with the VL was its body kit and modifications. Although the VN wasn’t quite as radical as the VL, the body kit was developed in Britain’s MIRA wind tunnel and the rear wheel housings were modified to ensure that there would be enough room for racing tyres when the car was sent to the race track.

Initial build numbers for the VN SS Group A were predicted to be 500 units, but the actual number fell short of that figure with only 302 cars eventually being made. Despite the main colour being the Durif Red, there were two development models that were produced in Alpine White used for durability testing. One was given the 42,000 km normal durability assessment while the second car did the 16,000 km trailer towing testing. This model being based on one of these 2 cars which Biante had the good fortune of tracking down for specific research. We’ve even replicated the build number badge on the dashboard that has no build number!

Code: B182706G

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