VF Valiant Hardtop 1969 “The Wog Boy”


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1969 VF Valiant Hardtop from the Australian classic comedy featuring the Greek-Australian comedian Nick Giannopoulos, The Wog Boy

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Opening front doors
Limited Edition of 6,000 pieces world wide
Specially signed certificate
Fully licenced and approved by Nick Giannopoulos
Enclosed pictured packaging
“WOG BOY” licence plates

The Wog Boy film (2000) grossed over 11 million dollars in the Australian Box Office and released a sequel due to the movies success. The 1969 VF Valiant Hardtop had a 245 cubic-inch (4.0L) 6-cylinder Hemi engine, and then later was replaced with an 8-cylinder engine later in the movies production. This model will become a piece of Australian movie history that you won’t want to miss!

Code: DDAM01

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 16 cm


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